At Candy Cum City, we are mindful of our users and cater to their needs. Users can create an account on the website, which is solely for paid advertisement and promotion. We provide paid services to our users. Our refund policy enables users to find out their rights and obligations.

General Payment Information

Advertisers need to make credit card payments to Candy Cum City. Terms and conditions apply to the payments. When you use your credit card payment on the site, you give implicit agreement to the terms listed on the site. Candy Cum City is at the liberty to amend the terms at any time without prior notice. Changes will be posted on the site 30 days before they become effective.

When you provide your credit card details on the Candy Cum City website, you are consenting that you are the authorised cardholder and the information you have entered is genuine and accurate. Furthermore, entering the credit card details implies that you are authorising Candy Cum City to charge the requested amount to the card.

By clicking Submit, you consent that Candy Cum City can charge a one-time payment for the advertisement or any other service you choose to purchase. Each time you make a purchase, the cookies (Refer to Candy Cum City’s Cookies Policy) will ensure that you do not have to type in all the details. Once the payment is confirmed and the transaction takes place, you will receive an email confirmation from us and you consent to receive it.

The charges that are listed on the Candy Cum City website are non-negotiable.

Refund Policy

While Candy Cum City does not allow cancellation after booking a service, in certain extenuating circumstances, we allow cancellation and refund. It is best to cancel your booking as quickly as possible.

Cancellation should be done in writing, using the Contact Us form. Candy Cum City reserves the right to charge a fine if the cancellation and refund lead to a loss. The fine is levied at our discretion and varies from client to client.

In case your order is not processed, Candy Cum City will not levy a fine Instead, it will refund any monies paid in advance. Your credit card processor may charge a fee and that you are liable to pay.

No Warranty or Guarantee

At no point does Candy Cum City guarantee or warranty anything and hence, will not be liable for any outcome for the services that you book using the website. The site is solely for advertising and Candy Cum City does not vouch for the services that you book through the website.

Candy Cum City reserves the right to change the refund policy at any time without prior notice. Should the policy be changed, you will be notified by email. It is your responsibility to check the changes. If you continue using the website and the services of Candy Cum City, you accept the changes and will not hold Candy Cum City and its administrators and employees liable. No refund will be issued in such cases.